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InTheMED Decision Support System (DSS)


The InTheMED Decision Support System Tool is implemented based on surrogate groundwater models and the fuzzy logic approach and its source code is freely available as a Matlab(R) toolbox.

The DSS tool can be executed online, without installing additional software, for the following case studies:  Konya | Tympaki | Grombalia | Guadiana Basin 


The DSS tool for the Requena-Utiel case study requires the download of a desktop application.

Requena-Utiel results










A series of scenarios from each case study based on the selected groundwater management scenarios considered in Todaro et al. (2023)  can be accessed  through the  'Atlas of the Maps Produced Using the DSS'

Precipitation Coefficient: 0.8 | Water Crop Coefficient: 1.2 | Period: Dec-2039


For more information check the DSS video tutorials with Arabic, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, English, French and Spanish subtitles.