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Municipality of Requena and municipality of Utiel

The municipality of Requena is located in the province of Valencia, in eastern Spain, and it has a population of 20.254 inhabitants (INE, 2019). It is situated in the Magro river basin, which passes through the southwest of the municipality.

The municipality of Utiel is the second most populated municipality in the study site in Spain, with a population of 11.531 inhabitants (INE, 2019). It is located northwest of Requena, following the course of the Magro river.

These two municipalities are situated in the region of the hydrogeological unit of 08.24 Requena-Utiel, which is one of the five studies sites of the InTheMED project. Both are closely linked to it, since part of the urban water supply relies on groundwater and irrigated vineyard farming is one of the leading industries.