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Participation of InTheMED on EGU2023

The final conference of the InTheMED was organized during the EGU General Assembly 2023 at the Vienna International Centre (Austria) from April 23rd to April 28th, 2023.

Each partner had the opportunity to present their technical results on April 28th, in a session organized by the InTheMED  “Sustainable Groundwater Management in Water Stressed Regions”, under the Hydrological Science program group.

Additionally, three invited guests presented during the oral presentation session. Each solicited talk occurred at the beginning of each sub-session. The first talk was given by David Hyndman from the University of Texas at Dallas on “Using Remote Sensing and Integrated Hydrologic Models to Characterize How Irrigated Agriculture Affects Highly Overdrawn Aquifers in the United States”. The second, in the afternoon session, was given by James Butler from the Kansas Geological Survey about “Extending aquifer lifespans with pumping reductions: Experiences from the High Plains aquifer”. And the third and final speaker was Marx Andreas from UFZ that give a talk on “Development of a national-scale decision support system for the water sector in Germany”.

In total, there were 24 oral presentations and 14 poster presentations.

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