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Webinar "Groundwater: facing a common challenge" Water Management PRIMA projects 2019

  • The Webinar "Groundwater: facing a common challenge, organised by Cetaqua Andalucía in collaboration with IIAMA-UPV (Universitat Politècnica de València) and the University of Pavia, took place on 20 July at 10:00 am (CEST).
  • Through the PRIMA GOTHAM, RESERVOIR, eGROUNDWATER and InTheMED projects, we will learn how to tackle groundwater management from different visions and technical approaches.


A better understanding of the challenges to achieving sustainable water resources management is vital to find applicable and replicable solutions. Therefore, the projects GOTHAM, RESERVOIR, eGROUNDWATER and InTheMED of the PRIMA 2019 call of the European Union joined forces to discuss in the Webinar "Groundwater: facing a common challenge" on 20 July at 10:00h about the common challenges, the different ways to address them and how to enhance joint research between the different actors involved.

This webinar aimed to highlight the need for talking about common challenges where Cetaqua Andalucía, IIAMA-UPV (Universitat Politècnica de València) and the University of Pavia are connecting to present the different ways of facing the challenge of sustainable and intelligent groundwater management through the application of advanced hydro-meteorological and satellite data analysis techniques.

From hydrogeological characterisation and groundwater governance to the application of different modelling approaches and ICT and citizen science to improve our knowledge of groundwater bodies, status, trends and management options. Through these thematic sessions, we will learn how different projects address these issues and open a debate on the advantages and disadvantages of the different technologies and tools used.

It is of vital importance for the planet to find innovative and effective solutions for sustainable groundwater management. This is only possible with a real and effective collaboration between all the entities, actors and institutions involved.

Do you want to watch this session? Click here.